What to see in the Louvre in 2 hours ?


private guide at the louvre

No tour of Paris, 'The City of Lights', the capital of France, and in 2018 the third-most visited city in the world with 17.44 million arrivals, is complete without some time in La Musée du Louvre (The Louvre, a central landmark on the Right Bank of the River Seine), which was the world's most visited art museum last year, welcoming 10.2 million guests.

The priorities

With approximately 38,000 objects, from prehistory to the modern day, exhibited over an area of 72,735 square metres, The Louvre is the largest art museum on the planet. It is, therefore, imperative to be extremely selective if your stay is limited to two hours only.

As your private guide, I recommend that you study the following artworks on your first visit :

  • 1. Leonardo da Vinci's world-famous portrait, 'Mona Lisa', the most celebrated painting in the museum. 'La Gioconda's' iconic smile represents the ideal of happiness. It is essential to arrive early to avoid the inevitable crowds.
  • 2. 'Vénus de Milo' is another must-see and is the highlight of the Antiquities Department. Also known as 'Aphrodite', the Greek goddess, the mesmerising grace of this half-naked armless statue represents the ideal of beauty.
  • 3. 'Winged Victory of Samothrace' is a most impressive large classical monument, a magnificent sculpture believed to be a religious offering from the people of Rhodes in gratitude for a naval victory.
  • 4. 'The Coronation of Napoléon' by David. This huge commemorative painting was commissioned by the famous French Emperor.

Per masterpiece, that allows, including swift walking, an information and appreciation session of twenty-five minutes, just right to do each justice. You will have to return the next morning to view the next set of four extraordinary treasures that I have in store for you !